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Adoresence moved here: (>'___'<)

err,a few rules/guide ?haha i'm a friendly leader don't worry ^^v-allyce

►when you post your batch always put your name signature on the top right,(you'll need to create a commercial name like: allyce,ai-chan,hikaru etc...)

►please type you batch title like this,example : #9 batch (Theme:[insert your batch theme here]) if you don't have a theme EXAMPLE: you've post anime and some korean girl/guy,just type :random anime & korean.

►if the last batch posted by ai-chan is #8 batch continue yours with #9 Batch(Theme:[insert theme])

►when you post your entries do type details,banner/icons size.and your speech if you want to,it's totally allowed :D

►and once you've post your graphic,edit the resource page,and link your sources.

►you need to edit template,at your profile section write whatever you want there. (i've left a note at your profile area)

►once you've update your batch,edit your Batch archive,according to the your batch number tittle :D

►you can ask for link exchange from another graphic site make sure your name there is example: (allyce[adoresence]) :D

►you totally can change the song,as long as it's in English,LOL xD

►If someone requested you as the her/his graphic maker,please insert your batch tittle as example: #5 Batch [anna request] and add to your archive too and if someone request for graphic from:"anyone" . and you want to make it please edit your archive ASAP to "Taken:anna's request"(exp) so i can know that you're making it .

►If you want to change the site banner,permission granted,but. make the background transparent.If you don't have photoshop, i recommend you make it at : http://pixlr.com/editor/ . and your icons,banners,to add special textures,use: http://pixlr.com/o-matic/

►Lastly,you can promote the graphic site if you want,since it's not popular xD AHAHA

Enjoy YOUR Stay here^^v